On-Line Worship

Patronal Festival – St James's Day   25 July 2021

Fr JIm's Farewell Mass  25 April 2021

Services of varying traditions are available at these places, search on Google and FaceBook.

Southwark Cathedral
Canterbury Cathedral
All Saints Margaret Street (12 Noon daily Mass)
St Mary Bourne Street London
Our Lady and St Nicholas Anglican Liverpool.
Washington National Cathedral Episcopal Sundays at 4 p.m.
BBC Radio 4 - 8.10 a.m. Sunday
St Benedict Episcopal Church, Plantation
SSJE Vespers USA 11 p.m. daily Anglican
Walsingham Shrine Prayers Daily at 6 p.m. Live from OLW
St James Episcopal Cathedral, Chicago, Daily Meditation on demand
St Mary the Virgin Merton - On demand
Tewksbury Abbey