Mission Action Plan Review March 2022

ActionsWho leads?Progress Further/next actionsBy When?
1.Proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom
aTo prepare and open the chapel, considering proposed usage and changes wanted.SE, MMContinued use by indviduals. None at presentOngoing
bTo record and distribute the Sunday Mass from Church NA, EMLimited possibility around too few people able to record, and other roles coming back into being. Not the highest priority.Consider over Triduum ongoing
cTo teach the process of accessing technology, to those currently unable to, on whatever resource people haveNASmall number taking up offer, but welcomeTo refer to Nick if hear of anyone wanting help
dTo contact school and offer assemblies and Christingle EMSchool Christingle was arranged for older year groups. Really good. HT very pleased Contact again for meeting and help in school and/or services in church.On Hold
eTo set up Lent GroupsMM, FrM Under way and successful so far.Continue
2.Teach, nurture and baptize new believers
aTo give a series of sermons on the Creed FrM, FrGDstartedComplete – “Holy Spirit”
bTo leaflet streets with “you are prayed for” leaflets, and inform intercessors on relevant weekMJJ, SEResponse improving; intercessors are including streets. Advised that repeated deliveries helps; now on second round. Continue delivering. Consider further notices afterwards “You have been prayed for.” Ongoing
To update the “outside crib” with displays relevant to the Church’s calendarEM.Currently showing “Community, Communion, Charity”Change display to for EasterHoly Saturday
3Respond to human need by loving ervice
aTo expand after service coffee and chat – add to community on Thursdays.EMSomewhat limited by Lent groups although 2 people came and joined in.Push after Easter.February 2022
bMaintain Defibrillator and first aid kit, and organize relevant trainingDRTraining session offered and well attended. 1st aid kit renewed/updated. review
4.Seek to transform unjust structures of society, to challenge violence of every kind and to pursue peace and reconciliation
aTo get information about setting up a Peace and Justice groupAFPlanned meetings cancelled due to illness.Re-arrange meetings
bTo host Community Police activities LLSandra (PCSO) attending Coffee and ChatConsider charging for use as statutory body with a budget for this.
cLiving in Love and Faith GroupsFrMFirst course completed.FrM and AF meeting to consider response to Diocese. Second group to be offered after Easter.
5.Strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth.
aTo improve eco church status MJJ Sticker light switches – “turn off after use” – mainly in place. New recycling bins got.Complete light switch stickers. Improve sorting and disposal of recycling.
bTo “wild” the rear lawn.CD Not been able to source appropriate tree and too late in year now.To dig small area of grass up and plant appropriate plug plants, and cuttings from home gardens.
cTo get info on setting up swift boxes under the church eaves MJJDecide to go ahead.Get costs for putting up. Get sponsorship for individual boxes from parishioners.
6.Maintain and enhance the fabric of church and church life to support the above.
aGradually continue re-opening of building – re-establishing, as safe, furniture, parts of building, aids to worship etcSE LLWKBC return clearer. Children’s play area to be improved.
bOrgan repairsDiocesan Organ Advisers contacted – will visitMeeting arranged for Friday. Await reccomendations
cHot water heater provision for drinks, by hatch.EM Heater descaled and repaired by Richard Thomas at not cost.Return to turning on and off when required for use.
dUpdate pictures in the hallEM/SE/FrMNo movement so far.Update pictures; add short appropriate texts
eWiFi in churchGA/EM Look into how to access and relevant costs.
fSet up new bank accountMMInfo gathered Meeting at Metro Bank